Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Final Days

Three days from now, residents of the Province of Manitoba will go to the polls to choose who will be their mayors, municipal councillors, and school board trustees for the next four years. As for making personal predictions, I have written elsewhere my general thoughts about the election, and implicitly how I expect the mayor's race to end up. Having said that, most people believe politicians are crooks and criminals anyways, and I find these revelations linked to a little amusing.

I've covered other elections over the lifespan of this blog, so now comes my customary "you-better-get-out-and-vote" lecture. Typically, turnout in municipal elections is lower than higher levels. Why is that? Hard to say. I think a contributing factor is the decline of media covering local events, but that's a different entry. Municipal government, however, is "where it's at." The decisions made at the municipal level affect residents most directly, and it's the services provided by municipal governments that most directly affect citizen's lives. I have provided links to the side so people can learn about candidates in Brandon, and I hope readers make use of the information available to them.

On Wednesday October 25, please vote.


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